Bai Yu Teased for Looking Older Than His Age

Bai Yu Teased for Looking Older Than His Age
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There is a saying that says appearances can be deceiving. Bai Yu has had his fair share of having people mistakenly thinking that he looks older than his age. It’s mentioned so often on his TV show guestings. 

Besides, who can forget that one episode of Keep Running where Lucas Wong mistakenly pegged Bai Yu as being 43 years old and got the whole cast laughing their heads off, including Bai Yu himself who joined in on the laughter. It’s not just Lucas Wong though. Bai Yu is often mistaken as part of the post 80’s generation when in reality, he belongs to the post 90’s. His birthday is on April 8, 1990 which makes him 29 years old. 

bai yu

The culprit.  His facial hair.  

Bai Yu, who has been labeled as Uncle Bai, revealed why he grew a beard in the first place. He said that the earliest time he sported some facial hair was back in high school, he felt he looked too young and wanted to be seen as more mature and that’s how it happened. It also looks like Bai Yu has no intention of getting rid of his beard any time soon since it seems that he’s grown at home with the public’s perception of him as a mature and refined man. 

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