A Shy Jackson Wang Meets His Childhood Idol, Yang Zi

A Shy Jackson Wang Meets His Childhood Idol, Yang Zi
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Meeting your childhood idol can be an overwhelming experience.  Just ask Got7 member Jackson Wang.  Both he and He Jiong host a cooking show called Go! Fridge.  In the 10th episode of the 5th season, their guest was none other than actress Yang Zi, whom Jackson Wang has admitted was his idol growing up. 

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Jackson even prepared a sign with the words “Wholeheartedly a fan because of you” to welcome Yang Zi to the show.  Despite this being his second time to meet Yang Zi as they saw each other on the red carpet before, Jackson was still quite shy about facing her and audiences loved watching him, a sough after young idol himself, squirm in the presence of his own idol.  Despite being older by just 2 years, Yang Zi started her acting career when she was just 12. Jackson excitedly shares that he grew up watching her on the Chinese sitcom Home With Kids.  

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To make things a bit more interesting, both Jackson and Yang Zi had a little skit where they had to stare at each other for 30 seconds.  After failing to look Yang Zi straight in the eye a few times, most probably due to his inability to overcome his shyness, Jackson says, “Just kill me already!”  It was a funny moment and I’m sure viewers were delighted to watch it.  

go fridge jackson wang yang zi
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