Hot-Blooded Youth (2019)

Hot-Blooded Youth (2019)
hot blooded youth huang zitao
Hot-Blooded Youth 热血少年, previously known as The Files of Teenagers in the Concession 租界少年热血档案 (a mouth full to say for sure), is an inspirational story about a man’s perseverance in his journey of overcoming the odds and the different (often difficult) choices one has to make in order to survive in a chaotic world. 

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hot-blooded youth sophie zhang xueying
In it, Huang Zitao shows off his martial arts chops once again playing a man from the streets called Wu Gan. Set in the tumultuous upper Concession of Shanghai during the Republican period, Wu Gan encounters He Hong Yi played by actress Sophie Zhang Xueying. Together, Wu Gan and Xue Ying, with brother and sister Wei Chengfeng and Wu Xiaoxiao, set aside their differences and personal agendas to unflinchingly fight for their ideals. Their actions in their quest for national justice succeed in exposing corruption, welcoming in a new chapter in history during this turbulent period.

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hot-blooded youth action cdrama cao xiyue
I say, The Files of Teenagers in the Concession brings to mind another of Huang Zitao’s dramas Yan Shi Fan (which was supposed to air in January but was postponed for some reason). Both are period pieces set in the Republican Period with core messages of nationalism and courage. The action genre of both dramas is also the perfect foil for the actor’s kick ass wushu skills – if you want a demo, do check out SM Town‘s teaser video to see what I’m talking about.
hot-blooded youth action cdrama wang jinsong

hot-blooded youth action cdrama
The drama reunites Huang Zitao with his The Brightest Star in the Night Sky co-stars Cao Xiyue and Wang Jinsong. Liu Yuning, Zhang Fan and Zhu Jie will also be appearing in the drama.

Release Date: October 22, 2019 iQIYI (two episodes Tuesday to Friday at 8pm), VIP watch 8 episodes in advance 

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hot-blooded youth action cdrama huang zitao

hot-blooded youth action cdrama sophie zhang
hot-blooded youth

hot-blooded youth

hot-blooded youth

hot-blooded youth
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