The Arthdal Chronicles (2019)

The Arthadal Chronicles kdrama
tvN’s new drama, the Arthdal Chronicles will finally be airing on Saturday, June 1, and to further hype up the suspense in the lead up to the premier date, the network has also unveiled a new set of character posters for each of the main leads in the series. 

But before anything else, here’s a brief look at the 18 episode show: Arthdal Chronicles is a fantasy drama set during ancient times in the fictional land of Asadal. Here, clans and tribes battle each other to gain ultimate control of the city. Song Joong ki plays Eun Seom, a cursed child born in Blue Stone Village. He faces off with his nemesis Tagon (Jang Dong Gun), a brilliant strategist who heads the most powerful armed group in the city. Eun Seom and the ambitious Tagon clash in the fight to conquer the land of Asadal. Actress Kim Ji Won plays the character of Tanya, the guardian and protector of the Wahan clan who one day becomes the first woman politician in the empire. Kim Ok Bin rounds off the foursome, playing the role of Tae Al Ha. 
The Arthadal Chronicles kdrama
So, the posters.
From the colouring and tone, it’s quite obvious who the heroes and anti heroes are. The warm golden bright tones of Eun Seom and Tanya’s character posters, coupled with their earthy natural attire and flower crowns are in sharp contrast to the cold and dark grey look of Tagon and Tae Al Ha’s pictures, clear indicators of the two sides who will be facing off in the series.
Individually, the photographs also give us a hint of each character’s story. Song Joong Ki’s Eun Seom presents a man struggling internally about to go on a hero’s journey. On the other hand, if the throne he’s sitting on isn’t enough of a give away, Jang Dong Gun’s Tagon shows a powerful man completely in charge, dangerous to those who dare to cross him. Similarly, Kim Ok Bin’s Tae Al Ha is portrayed as a coldly beautiful woman whose calculating smile reflects her confidence in her manipulative abilities, a huge turnaround from Kim Ji Won’s Tanya who looks to be the most cheerful one of the lot with her flower crowns and nature inspired face paint and pure expression.  
Release Date: June 1, 2019 (Every Saturday and Sunday on tvN)
The Arthadal Chronicles kdrama Jang Dong Gun
The Arthadal Chronicles kdrama Kim Ji Won
The Arthadal Chronicles kdrama Kim Ok Bin
The Arthadal Chronicles kdrama Song Joong Ki
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