Story of Yanxi Palace Actress Explain Cannes Red Carpet Blunder

Story of Yanxi Palace Actress Explain Cannes Red Carpet Blunder
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The month of May marks the prestigious Festival de Cannes, when actors, models, filmmakers not to mention wannabes all flock to the French Riviera for a dose of sun, a spot of work (gotta promote that film yeah), and heaps of glamour. The “by invite only” festival is held annually in the French city of Cannes to preview new and noteworthy films from around the world of all genres –  sure, you’ll see some blockbuster Hollywood flicks here and there, but Cannes is also the place to discover interesting works which might not necessarily appeal to mainstream audiences.

And while the films are the primary focus of the festival, let’s face it, the place TO BE is on the tapis rouge, where everyone – from the celebrities to the wannabes, are dressed to the nines as they sashay down and pose for photographs on the red carpet. Well this year’s festival has already kicked off as evidenced by the numerous “Best Red Carpet Looks from Cannes 2019” all over the internet. And while it’s usually the worst dressed celebs who draw flak from the internet (as with any awards), Shi Yufei has been drawing C-Netizens ire for a completely different reason. 

The actress, who played the maid of noble consort Gao in Story of Xanxi Palace, got a lot of heat from Netizens who are saying that she was an embarrassment as she continued to pose for photographs all the while ignoring Festival security who was telling her to leave the carpet. Others went as far as to even say she should be ashamed of herself for being so desperate to be on the carpet and that she shouldn’t say she’s Chinese in the future! Ouch.
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The actress later on explained on her social media that anyone walking down the red carpet at the Festival is no doubt nervous and excited and that she was not an exception. With various photographers screaming at you to pose this way and that, things can get confusing and chaotic. Indeed, with the various flashes of the cameras (even Hollywood actors are disconcerted by the flashes that they opt to wear sunglasses) combined with 
voices screaming at you to look here and there, things can get confusing. The actress goes on to further add that walking down a red carpet is not something new to her so there shouldn’t be any reason for her “not to want to leave” as Netizens call it. She closes her statement by saying that she is NOT an “internet star”.

I gotta hand it to her, it sure takes some guts to hold her head up in confidence still. I’d have skedaddled it outta there red faced if Security told me to get off.

Similarly, “internet stars” walking down the red carpet in Cannes were also not off the hook, getting a lot of censure from Netizens who found it absolutely ridiculous that they’re even there. With the “unusual and exaggerated” outfits they’re wearing on the carpet, it’s a “shame to let them loose overseas!” Double ouch! Netizens sure don’t pull their punches with their critiques now don’t they.

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