Qin Lan Talks About Waiting for the Right Time

Qin Lan Talks About Waiting for the Right Time
Qin Lan
As part of the cast of Story of Yanxi PalaceQin Lan experienced a surge in popularity after playing Empress Fucha Rongyin last year, thus shaping her image as a mature and demure actress. Qin Lan recently attended a jewelry event where she talked about her next project and her personal sentiments. 

Qin Lan revealed that she and Godfrey Gao Yixiang will work together in a new TV series which is set to start in this month.  There have been no official announcements yet so Qin Lan didn’t talk about it much, but she did drop us a tidbit.  She says that it was the role of a “very strong woman” which Qin Lan admits is challenging for her.  

Qin Lan, who is 37 years old and single, shares that she isn’t worrying about her love life as it would depend on several factors like fate, mutual attraction and most importantly, timing.  She says that she has been waiting quietly for 30 years and that maybe her patience will be pay off soon.  

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