Peng Yuchang Sheds Pounds After Vowing To Eat One Bowl Per Day

Peng Yuchang Sheds Pounds After Vowing To Eat One Bowl Per Day
These days, reality style variety show programs featuring celebrities and idol stars who are tasked to perform activities outside of their comfort zones seem to be popular amongst viewers as it gives them a honest behind the scenes look at their favourite actors and idols “behind the glamour”. Viewers are loving the honesty and shows such as the Korean Three Meals In A Day, Youn’s Kitchen and Korean Hostel in Spain are receiving so much love from fans. In China, the variety program Back to Field 向往的生活 has also been receiving a lot of support from viewers that it’s now on its third season.

The latest episode of the popular TV series has had Netizens all agog when it aired footage of Peng Yuchang‘s reaction to a photo taken of himself by the series’ staff while shooting new episodes. The actor was quite shocked whilst looking at the photo, which was later revealed to show Peng with a visibly rounder face and sporting a double chin. He even passed the photo around to his cast mates and asked them for confirmation on his weight gain. The actor later on vowed to the camera that he will lose the weight and won’t be eating more than a bowl of rice in the future!

Well, it looks like the actor did good on his promise, as a recent photo of him posted on Huang Jue‘s social media page showed a younger looking and thinner Peng Yuchang. When a doubting Thomas commented on the post that “he used to be so good looking”, Huang Jue fired back saying that the photo was taken only 2 hours ago. Clearly, not even celebrities are immune to weight gain – whether it’s from stress, personal issues, aging or just simply a love of eating! But with determination, diet and exercise (yeah yeah cliche), anything’s possible.

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