Speculations On Why Over The Sea I Come To You Was Postponed To Make Way for My True Friend

Speculations On Why Over The Sea I Come To You Was Postponed To Make Way for My True Friend
over the sea i come to you my true friend
In a last minute switcheroo, if you’re looking forward to catching the premier episode of the drama Over The Sea I Come To You tonight, don’t be surprised if you’ll be seeing Angelababy, Deng Lun and Zhu Yilong on your screens instead with My True Friend.

It was announced previously that Over The Sea I Come To You was slotted to unveil its very first episode tonight, May 19, but rumours were circulating earlier this week that Sun Honglei and Joseph Zeng’s father and son drama was suddenly pulled from the line up and postponed indefinitely. The whispers were further substantiated when the networks suddenly announced that My True Friend will be taking over OTSICTY’s slot instead.

over the sea i come to you
OTSICTY’s Weibo post on May 17 referring to May 19 as its premier date.
Regarding this last minute shuffle,  OTSICTY’s production team and the broadcast networks have remained mum about any details concerning this change and even the drama’s Weibo account has been inactive since May 17. 

Since there has not been an explanation from the drama, speculations are of course rife, with Netizens guessing that the abrupt reshuffle is related to the new trade war ongoing between the US and China. As you know, the drama’s premise talks about the dynamics of Chinese families displaced in a foreign land, which is in this case, well, the US. It would seem that anything related to the US may be kinda off limits right now, and that’s the reason why the drama was pulled suddenly. Seven Days which was wholly shot in the US completed its run yesterday, but there are other dramas like Wait in Beijing that are waiting to air. But, that really is just conjecture and your guess is as good as mine.

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