Novoland: Eagle Flag (2019)

Novoland: Eagle Flag (2019)
Novoland: Eagle Flag Liu Haoran
The newest installment for the Novoland series is Novoland: Eagle Flag 九州缥缈录, a whopping 70 68 56 episode fantasy series that stars Liu Haoran, Lareina Song and Chen Ruoxuan. No matter the adaptation, Novoland is a franchise known to serve up plenty of action, a bit of magic and sorcery thrown in, heroes born from epic battles, lotsa drama and huge helpings of intrigue that viewers are surely bound for a ride!

Novoland: Eagle Flag Fantasy Action Drama
It follows the story of three close friends bonded together by circumstances of war. Lu Gui Chen (Liu Haoran), the youngest of five boys and the heir to the Northern Qingyang tribe, came to the Eastern Land as a hostage. There he meets Ji Ye (Chen Ruo Xuan) an illegitimate son unloved due to his status, as well as Princess Yu Ran (Lareina Song), a member of the Winged Tribe who came to the Eastern Land together with her grandfather as a refugee. 

Novoland: Eagle Flag Lareina Song Zuer
The three become fast friends through the challenges they encounter. In a tale as old as time, the two men soon begin to secretly develop romantic feelings for Yu Ran. Meanwhile, a power struggle has been brewing in the Eastern Land and the three friends decide to jump into the fray of the battle of Shangyang Pass. The subsequent events that follow play a huge role in shaping the destinies of these three heroes. 

Novoland: Eagle Flag Chen Ruoxuan
The series will also be featuring actors Zhang Jiayi, Xu Qing, Zhang Fengyi, Zhang Zhijian, Maggie Jiang Shuying, Li Guangjie, Angel Wang Ou, Amy Chen Haoyu, Xuan Yan, Shawn Wei Qianxiang and Ken Chang in supporting roles. Update: After the postponement, final count that will be broadcasted has been reduced to 56 episodes. 

Release Date: June 3, 2019 at 10pm July 16, 2019 Zhejiang TV, Tencent, Youku 

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Novoland: Eagle Flag Zhang Jiayi

Novoland: Eagle Flag Xu Qing

Novoland: Eagle Flag Zhang Fengyi

Novoland: Eagle Flag Zhang Zhijian

Novoland: Eagle Flag Maggie Jiang Shuying

Novoland: Eagle Flag Li Guangjie

Novoland: Eagle Flag Angel Ou

Novoland: Eagle Flag

Novoland: Eagle Flag

Novoland: Eagle Flag

Novoland: Eagle Flag
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