Lee Dong Wook Joins Im Si Wan in His Comeback Thriller

Lee Dong Wook Joins Im Si Wan in His Comeback Thriller
Lee Dong Wook Im Si Wan
Woop Woop! Two of my favourite actors are teaming up for new drama Strangers From Hell. The show is a thriller (not one of my favourite genres but for both of them, I might make an exception) based on a webtoon of the same name about the strange goings on and the mysterious residents of a dormitory encountered by a young man after moving in.

Strangers From Hell has previously confirmed that actor Im Si Wan will be starring in the show as his comeback project following his discharge from the military. Lee Dong Wook on the other hand will be co-starring opposite as Seo Moon Jo, a dentist whose clinic is located near the dormitory. He befriends Yoo Jong Woo, a young man who moves to Seoul from the country to start a new job and a new life in the city who faces a “hell” created by others, a role which will be played by Im Si Wan.

According to the show’s production team, Lee Dong Wook is the perfect actor for the role of dentist Seo Moon Jo whose character is described as a man who is “friendly with strangers but hides an ulterior motive”. The Produce X 101 host has the ability to express a range of emotions in whatever role he chooses to play which makes him a great fit for the drama, according to the producers.

I’m sure a lot of us are looking forward to what the two can bring to the table and are no doubt curious about the on-screen chemistry the actors will have with each other – Lee Dong Wook with his brooding good looks perfect for his Reaper role in Goblin and Im Si Wan with his bright eyed innocent charm as the baduk player Jang Geurae who finds himself climbing the corporate ladder in the cable hit Misaeng.

Certainly we can expect a big transformation from what we’re usually accustomed to in the performances of both actors!
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