Kitty Zhang Spotted Holding Hands with Rumored Boyfriend

Kitty Zhang Spotted Holding Hands with Rumored Boyfriend
Actress Kitty Zhang Yuqi‘s love life always seems to be very lively.  Kitty, known for her role in The Mermaid, married director Wang Quan’an in 2011.  They divorced in 2015 following her husband’s arrest.  In 2016, She married businessman Yuan Bayuan whom she had known for less than 3 months.  They divorced in 2018 when things turned ugly amidst finger pointing and domestic issues.  Her estranged husband has also claimed that Kitty had cheated on him several times during their marriage.  I also remember them fighting over custody of their two children early on.  

More recently though, Kitty Zhang has been photographed in the streets of Shanghai holding hands with her “new beau”, Zhang Qianhao, fueling further speculations that the two are romantically involved. They were seen going back to Qianhao’s home for the night.  In the photo, Kitty wore a pink sweater under a black jacket along with a black face mask while Zhang Qianhao wore a plain black shirt and a cap.  Pretty low key, if you ask me.  

Kitty Zhang’s ex husband has said that it was the same Zhang Qianhao whom Kitty had cheated on him with.  Reporters have asked to get Kitty Zhang’s side in all of this but her camp has remained largely silent.  

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