Joe Chen On Choosing Career Over Love and the Notion of Leftover Woman

Joe Chen On Choosing Career Over Love and the Notion of Leftover Woman
Joe Chen
Actress Joe Chen who has had a successful career in showbiz, has just turned 40 and while most of actresses her age are either married, in a relationship or have kids, Joe has remained what she believes she is: a strong independent woman.  Although there have been guys romantically linked to her in the past, none have proven to be “the one” so Joe’s love life has always been something of interest to people.   

Joe Chen
Joe Chen was recently among the female celebrities to appear on the show Middle Me where she opens up about her personal life, which she rarely does.  Joe mentions that she had actually a chance to make things work with someone but at the time, she chose to focus on her career.  While Joe has accepted that she may not be able to start a family now, she has never regretted her choice.  

Joe admits that there are guys who have tried to win her affections in recent years, but she liked none of them.  She does reveal that there are times when she wishes she could change and be more gentle.  But that would not be the real Joe Chen since she wants to be true to herself.  With her age, Joe Chen does feel a bit lonely at times but she doesn’t think it’s because she’s single.

Joe Chen
Despite appearances, Joe still believes in love and still looks forward to it.  She tells herself not to marry for the sake of marriage.  “Marry a person if you love each other and want to spend your life together even when others are saying negative things about you.”  Wise words from Joe Chen right there, guys.  

Joe Chen Middle Me
Regrettably, Joe has been called a leftover woman “剩女 (shèng nǚ)” by some people since they think that she’s past the age to have a family, much to the dismay of Joe Chen.  She tells us that the concept of a leftover woman is a very narrow-minded notion. The word shèng which means leftover in Chinese also sounds like the word flourish “盛” and that is how she would choose to interpret the term

I have to agree with Joe Chen when she said that your sense of belonging doesn’t have to come from a man.  “It could be the house you’ve bought, your own personal quiet place or your home.  Even the couch you often sit in can bring you a sense of belonging.” 

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