Hu Ge Star Struck by Quentin Tarantino on the Cannes Red Carpet

Hu Ge Star Struck by Quentin Tarantino  on the Cannes Red Carpet
Hu Ge Cannes Red Carpet

The Cannes red carpet has seen its fair share of “internet stars” who are currently trending albeit for the wrong reasons in social media, but going back to the films and the actors that bring them to life, it’s quite whimsical to see the stars themselves become star struck by their fellow artists. Makes them a wee bit more human like us, doesn’t it?

Hu Ge Quentin Tarantino fan
Actor Hu Ge, who’s currently in Cannes for the screening of his new movie Wild Goose Lake about a cop killer running from the police and the mob, was recently photographed sporting a star struck expression on his face after seeing director Quentin Tarantino on the tapis rouge. There’s even a photo of the both of them – well more of Tarantino, but Hu Ge can clearly be seen in the background wearing an overjoyed smile with stars in his eyes. Totally different from his usual cool and collected persona. The look on the actor’s face when he saw his idol is a bit familiar – it’s usually the expression fans are wearing when they see Hu Ge!

Hu Ge The Wild Goose Lake
During an interview with Sina in the French city, Hu Ge revealed that he was a huge fan of the director and his films. And in fact, during some down time while filming Wild Goose Lake, he actually chilled out watching some of Tarantino’s films and even had a chat with his Wild Goose Lake director about him. Little did he know that they’ll both be previewing their films at the same time in Cannes. 
Hu Ge The Wild Goose Lake
For the actor, it’s a surreal and exciting moment to have Tarantino in the same theatre watching his film. Tarantino is also in town for the much awaited screening of his film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood starring Lalaland heavy hitters Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margo Robbie and Al Pacino so the two are sure to “bump” into each other on the red carpet one way or another!

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