Hello, Joann 2 (2019)

Hello, Joann 2 (2019)
Hello, Joann 你好乔安 is a 36-episode drama adapted from Zhang Xiaohan’s novel titled Queen Joann (lit.) 乔安女王. Also known as Hello, Joann 2, the sequel continues to revolve around the two female leads Qiao An and Ni Hao and their experiences in the workplace that is now set in the entertainment industry. It stars Joe Cheng (Chinese Paladin 5), Ying Er (Best Arrangement) and He Dujuan (Investiture of the Gods).  

The story takes place five years after the first series when Qiao An and Lu Yuanyang saved Orris, the advertising company of Qiao An’s father.  After leaving the company and disappearing, Qiao An returns and sets up a film company in hopes of becoming a producer.  Lu Yuanyang, Qiao An’s ex-boyfriend and chairman of Orris, learns of Qiao An’s return.  Both Qiao An and Lu Yuanyang find themselves competing with each other for the copyrights, actors and broadcast platforms of Ni Hao’s novel “Broken Hearts Club.”  Will Qiao An be able to work together with Lu Yuanyang again or will she disappear like the last time?

Ying Er plays the headstrong Qiao An, the role previous played by Stephy Qi WeiWhile Qiao An is tough and domineering, Ni Hao is the opposite. Her bubbly and bright characteristic is played by He Dujuan who takes over the role previously played by Wang Xiaochen

Even though the story was originally about the two ladies, Joe Cheng predictably gets top billing as the leading man. He plays Lu Yuanyang, the overbearing company president of Orris previously played by Chen Yifei.  Everybody can probably remember Joe from It Started with a Kiss which catapulted him to instant stardom. The seriousness of his character is well suited to Joe as past projects have shown that he can play roles like that really well.

They might not have brought back the original cast for the sequel but here’s to hoping that this new Hello, Joann will return with vivid acting and a compelling story. Also in the cast are Jiang Long, Garvey Jin Ze, Wang Zitong, Jiang Xueming, Jiang Shimeng, Mi Chenchen and Zhang Haotian

Release Date: November 22, 2019 Jiangsu TV, Zhejiang TV, Mango TV (two episodes daily at 7:30pm)

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