Fan Bingbing Suffers From Altitude Sickness While Doing Charity Work

Fan Bingbing Suffers From Altitude Sickness While Doing Charity Work
Fan Bingbing charity work Tibet
Fan Bingbing may have faded from showbiz but it doesn’t mean she’s completely out of the public eye.  Fan has always been known for doing charity work.  She recently went to the mountains of Tibet to provide health screening for hundreds of children. 

Fan Bingbing and a medical team went to several remote villages to help treat kids suffering from congenital heart disease and to interact with them.  Her charity organization named Heart Ali has been tirelessly working on their mission for 10 consecutive years now.  

Fan Bingbing charity work Tibet
Unfortunately, Fan Bingbing isn’t used to the climate in Tibet as she has fallen ill with altitude sickness and was advised to return to Beijing immediately.  A friend of hers shared pictures on WeChat and revealed that the actress has suffered nose bleeds. Her face and gums were swollen, making it hard for her to eat anything.  She also had to take in more oxygen. It is her third visit to the area over the years. 

Fan Bingbing charity work Tibet
Netizens had mixed reactions about Fan’s condition.  Some sympathized with her and wished her a speedy recovery, while some said that the whole thing was a stunt to gain sympathy.  Personally, I think Fan Bingbing is doing a good thing helping those children.  And while people seem to have a hard time forgiving her for evading taxes, I believe she deserves a second chance.  

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