Daniel Wu Talks About Health Scare and Reveals That He Almost Died

Daniel Wu Talks About Health Scare and Reveals That He Almost Died
The 44-year-old actor, director and producer Daniel Wu was among the fine gentlemen who walked the red carpet at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. Appearing a bit thinner than usual, Daniel Wu recently went on the show 24/7TALK to reveal that he had suffered major health issues earlier this year and had to undergo surgery for an inflamed cecum. 

Daniel narrates how he woke up and vomited at midnight which he first thought was due to eating something bad and getting food poisoning.  After seeing a doctor the next day, Daniel was given medicine for his stomach to remedy his nausea.  After a few days, He still felt uncomfortable.  Daniel says that he developed a fever and had to take anti-inflammatory medicine.  He waited for his condition to get better but it didn’t and describes the pain he was feeling at the time as “being kicked in the groin every 10 minutes.”

Daniel’s wife, Lisa S. was away so she was unaware of what he was enduring.  After 10 hours of not drinking any water and 20 hours of not urinating, Daniel figured that the situation had become serious and asked his sister to take him to the hospital.  Upon checking, the doctor revealed that Daniel’s cecum was inflamed and that he had to operate.  The doctor also said that if Daniel had waited one more day, it would’ve been fatal.  The doctor didn’t remove the swollen cecum as other parts of the intestines would be affected.  Instead, he cleaned the cecum and prescribed anti-inflammatory medicine.  Daniel would have to wait 6 months to know if his cecum will rupture again.  

Daniel confessed he has lost 15 pounds due to his ordeal but jokingly says that the hardest part was having to stay in a hospital bed with nothing to do except watch TV.  Lisa S. drove for 10 hours just to see Daniel and was relieved to hear everything was resolved. She was thankful that Daniel didn’t push through with going to Canada for a skiing trip earlier as the hospitals in the mountains would not have been as advanced.  

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