Chopstick Legs Catch On With Yang Mi and Dilraba Dilmurat Leading the Pack

Chopstick Legs Catch On With Yang Mi and Dilraba Dilmurat Leading the Pack
chopsticks leg yang mi dilraba dilmurat
Fashions come and go, but with the resurgence of late 80s to 90s fashion recently, cycling shorts have made a MAJOR comeback in the catwalks with influencers and celebrities sporting the “new” trend. Kardashian approved, these shorts have gained so much traction with the fashion set since summer last year that it looks like the trend won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

While I am definitely not a fan – I still remember the cringeworthy hot pink leopard print pair I was sporting in first grade, and admittedly I haven’t got the pins for it, celebrities like Yang Mi and Dilraba Dilmurat have taken to the biker shorts trend like a duck to water.  

yang mi chopsticks legs
Both actresses have been spotted displaying what Netizens have been calling “chopstick legs” to their advantage. But let’s face it, put these two in a potato sack and they’d still be able to rock it. If you fancy the chopstick legs lewk just like your favourite celebrities, proceed with caution. But maybe, just maybe, with the RIGHT outfit, the right attitude and the right styling, we too can all embrace this controversial trend.

dilraba dilmurat chopsticks legs trend
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