Angelababy and Deng Lun’s “My True Friend” Yields Low Douban Ratings On Opening Week

my true friend cdrama angelababy deng lun
The new real estate themed TV drama My True Friend has already started airing last weekend. But despite the hype surrounding its star studded cast, the series somehow failed to impress a lot of viewers so far. When the show and its cast was first announced last year, Angelababy’s name was the most recognizable one in the line-up. Things have since changed in the past year as the show suddenly finds itself with an abundance of newly uber popular actors as of premier date. Not bad for a new drama, huh?

my true friend cdrama angelababy
Thanks to their hard work, Deng Lun and Zhu Yilong have also made a name for themselves and are now recognizable household names in the industry thanks to their hit dramas this past year – Deng Lun with Ashes of Love, Zhu Yilong thanks to Guardian. Veteran actress Xu Di won Best Supporting Actress for the First Half of My Life in 2017 and Ni Dahong shot up to mainstream fame as the disruptive Su patriarch in the just ended All is Well (even his funny facial expressions are immortalised in countless memes on the net). 
my true friend cdrama deng lun
However, even the stars weren’t bright enough to float its boat on opening week, scoring a low 4.7/10 rating on user-rated site Douban with a vast majority (37%) of respondents giving the drama the lowest one star score. 
What’s the rub you ask? Is it because of Angelababy’s acting? While it’s true that her acting skills have been criticised by audiences in the past, some are changing their tune to say that the actress has vastly improved this time. Methinks the “lighter” tone of this drama suits her personality more hence making it easier for her to act naturally. Others are still not buying it though judging it to still be quite stunted and exaggerated. Or is it because the script highlights the typical love triangle and adds emotional payoffs to every house sale? That’s too soon to tell with just a few episodes in. Whatever the reason, let’s hope the drama will be able to pick up its momentum in the coming weeks.
my true friend cdrama Zhu Yilong
my true friend cdrama Angelababy
my true friend cdrama Deng Lun
my true friend cdrama
my true friend cdrama Zhu Yilong
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