Actress reveals that she paid money to walk the red carpet at Cannes

Actress reveals that she paid money to walk the red carpet at Cannes
lv jiarong cannes 100k yuan
With the increased attention on the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, so has the scrutiny over the not-so-recognizable faces that are walking the red carpet. #CannesFestivalRedCarpet100k became a trending topic due to reports that an invite to Cannes has been turned into a business by travel agents, beauty pageants and the like in China. Prices can range from regular to VIP to include official transport, photos and makeup with the package going up to 100,000 yuan (equivalent to 14.5k USD)

Siege in Fog actress Kelsey Lv Jiarong recently admitted that she was once one of those people who paid her way to the event when she attended the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. 

lv jiarong cannes
Lv Jiarong at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival
She took to weibo to say that the trending hashtag made her feel ashamed. Last year, she joined the Cannes bandwagon. She couldn’t remember how much the middleman charged her exactly, but she made it to the red carpet. At the time, she felt proud and happy. Looking back at her actions, she has made some realizations. She writes, “Sometimes, we artists shouldn’t be too focused on the spotlight that we forget the looks of derision from others. We want to gain more but end up losing more because of it. Wish that we can all be the best version of ourselves, simpler and more honest.”

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