Actor Hu Ge shares what fans have dubbed an ugly selfie

Actor Hu Ge shares what fans have dubbed an ugly selfie
Hu Ge
They asked and they received. 

But fans who wanted more updates from the actor got more than they bargained for when Hu Ge posted a selfie of himself on social media. The resulting photograph, shows the actor with natural unstyled hair happily eating a chocolate ice cream cone during his down time.

I guess fans are so used to seeing Hu Ge with his GQ good looks well groomed and well turned out in a stylish suit that anything but is not acceptable. To be fair, I too had a “heh?” moment when I first saw the photo, I mean I thought it was a totally different person! Mainly, I was distracted by the mark left by the chocolate ice cream which looks like lip liner applied 90s style. *lol* You know the one – lip liner that’s what, ten shades darker than your lipstick to make your lips look fuller! (Gosh I hope that look never comes back!)

Hu Ge
Netizens are not having it and in some comments have even requested the actor to delete it! The poor guy. But seriously, how many selfies do you guys take before settling on one eh? I reckon we all post the photo (out of 20?) that shows to our advantage. For Hu Ge to share a “real” un-retouched version of himself shows us that he’s a real person too underneath all of the trappings. Clearly, it also speaks volumes of his own self confidence. Such a cool guy, Hu Ge.

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