Yang Zi Ready to Get Back to Work After a Two-Month Break

Yang Zi Ready to Get Back to Work After a Two-Month Break
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It seems that Andy Yang Zi is fully recharged and ready to film again. She says that she decided to give herself a break as she wasn’t in the best condition and needed to slow down, readjust to her own life and explore more opportunities. After two months, the Ashes of Love star recently announced that she was ready to start working again.  She also reveals that she’s still a bit uncomfortable facing the camera as she claims she has gained weight, a lot of weight. 

In a way, she confesses that she feels like a little kid, being shy and embarrassed at the thought of returning to the camera. Despite adding some pounds however, Yang Zi doesn’t feel inferior at all since she enjoyed her time off and liked the feeling of no one saying anything even though she gained weight. She assures fans however and says that she’ll be focused on losing all that weight and watching her food intake once she gets back to work.  Seriously though, it’s probably not much weight considering the actress was posting a video fo herself attempting boxing to keep fit. What’s a few pounds? 

With Yang Zi coming back to work, it would seem all she wants is another wonderful year of working in showbiz, which makes me wonder: what will her next project be? After Ashes of Love, she had filmed My Mowgli Boy with Ma Tianyu and before that, she completed Go Go Squid with Li Xian. Are you guys excited to see her back? 

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