Voice recording exposes truth about sensationalizing news for publicity?

Voice recording exposes truth about sensationalizing news for publicity?
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There’s a Chinese saying that goes like this, one wave hasn’t calmed, another rises, which seems to be the case for Yu Zheng. A day after he quelled the dating rumors between Wu Jinyan and Hong Yao due to a photo that the actor himself accidentally posted online, Yu Zheng is back in the headlines. This time around, it is due to an alleged phone conversation concerning one of his artists, Zhao Yiqin, who can be heard exposing his boss

Previously, Yu Zheng went on a rant online to speak on behalf of his artist whose ex-girlfriend allegedly threatened to expose him if he didn’t get back together with her. Yu Zheng openly called out the ex-girlfriend on social media and demanded that she return the money she took from the actor.   

zhao yiqin wait my youth
However, a recent phone conversation has leaked wherein the actor, Zhao Yiqin, was allegedly commenting on the issue. The voice in the recording can be heard saying that he had gone to his boss for help after his girlfriend broke up with him. He says that he didn’t know his boss would recklessly post about it on Weibo the next day. He also reveals that his image is all made up by them and that the company has paid money to put him on the the top search at the expense of the ex-girlfriend. 
When asked by Sina for comment, a staff from Huanyu Film said that the recording has been edited, the flow of words do not make sense and can easily mislead people. Young actor Zhao Yiqin is the star of the web drama Wait My Youth. I don’t know what to believe, but it smells like one big mess. 
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