The Reason for Mark Chao’s 6 Month Hiatus

The Reason for Mark Chao’s 6 Month Hiatus
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Actor Mark Chao has been around for quite a while as he’s going on 11 years in the business but in that amount of time, he has only done a handful of dramas.  Aside from Midnight Diner and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms in 2017 and an upcoming Ordinary Glory which he finished filming last year, we haven’t seen much of Mark Chao lately. 

我和我的经纪人 mark chao

In a recent reality show called Me And My Agent (lit.) 我和我的经纪人, Mark Chao’s manager reveals the reason why Mark has only done a few projects.  She says while there is no shortage of work for Mark, there are very few that are interesting.  Mark also has several conditions he adheres to when taking on a job.  One is that the script should be good.  Second, the production team and PR team should be satisfactory and finally, there should be enough freedom for Mark to adjust his acting accordingly. 

Mark Chao has also been actively involved in charities at his manager’s suggestion.  He says that he uses a rabbit as a logo for his charities since the rabbit holds a special meaning to both him and his wife Gao Yuanyuan.  Netizens have reacted to this by saying they were envious of Gao Yuanyuan because she was able to bag a gentleman as warm as Mark Chao. After 5 years of marriage, the couple are also expecting their first child. 

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