Tang Yan and Luo Jin’s Hospital Visit Spark Pregnancy Rumours

Tang Yan and Luo Jin’s Hospital Visit Spark Pregnancy Rumours
tang yan luo jin
Recently, newlywed celebrity couple Tiffany Tang Yan and Luo Jin who have been relationship goals even before they got together are speculated to be expecting. The two were spotted exiting a hospital in Shanghai in black-clad gear, wearing caps and face masks. 

While it could be anything really, speculations are rife as to the reason for the couple’s hospital visit. Some Netizens have been quick to point out that Tang Yan seemed to have gained some weight recently and the hospital visit was in order for the actress to get an ultrasound. The actress previously poked fun at trending over the weight gain as she posted a photo with a simple, “Did I gain weight?”

tang yan luo jin
The extremely private couple, who kept mum about the details of their wedding, announced their marriage on the day of the event last year. Even then, Netizens were only treated to a wee little glimpse from the few photographs the couple shared online. So naturally, I’m sure Netizens and fans are quite hopeful (and curious) as to whether the couple will be announcing a new addition to their family within the year, what with both actors being newly married and all that. 

As there has yet to be an announcement made by the couple to confirm anything, let’s hope that both actors are happy with newly married life, and most importantly, healthy!


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