Sammi Cheng Aims To Move On Amidst Continuous Coverage Of Her Husband’s Affair

Sammi Cheng Aims To Move On Amidst Continuous Coverage Of Her Husband’s Affair
sammi cheng shares sentiments on husband
When Andy Hui admitted his affair with Jacqueline Wong on the day that a video of them together got leaked in the media, it exploded into a scandal that continued to be talked about for days on end. Since then, Andy Hui has gone on an indefinite hiatus whilst Jacqueline Wong has recently gone to the US for further studies. While there has been an outpouring of support for Andy Hui’s wife Sammi Cheng, she too has not been exempt from the continuous media coverage and endless speculations on all the parties involved. 

At one point, there were questions about why the cabbie leaked the video of the backseat tryst between Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong. Why did he release the video and more importantly who bought the footage? Theories abound with one saying that negotiations between the cabbie and Andy Hui broke down thus leading to the video being sold to media; others say that it was Jacqueline who hatched the plan to force Sammi and Andy to divorce, a theory that Taiwanese TV presenter Cheng Hungyi debunked by saying that the actress wouldn’t mastermind something to land herself in some very hot water that’s potentially career ending. 

In yet another twist to this saga, reports surfaced that it was the aggrieved Sammi Cheng herself who paid the cabbie 400,000 HKD to film and leak the now infamous video to local media. Apparently, the singer-actress knew of her husband’s involvement with Jacqueline Wong but previous efforts to obtain evidence of the affair were futile. 

並沒有什麼魔法, 什麼一夜變藍天, 但恩典夠用. 過去這星期香港天氣都帶陰帶雨帶雷, 上星期有一夜晚,天空更忽然一下子被暗黑籠罩, 那股黑竟比黑更黑, 烈風暴雨好像咆哮, 那麼的令人畏懼. 今天終於稍微放晴,天空似鬆了一口氣,我相信藍天會回來. 想說, 既決定了, 餘下的, 就交給時間, 時間會幫助局中者走出一條新路, 但在時間面前人人平等, 時間不能跳格, 無論決定什麼事, “決定”與”目的地”之間的就是過程, 而往往就是在此等過程中, 讓人在當中慢慢學習,領悟, 直到抵達目的地. 事實上, 亦必須在「如常地生活當中」經歷修復和糾正過程, 不能浪費時光, 並帶著信心靜候將來. 如常生活代表什麼? 如常生活代表去做該做的事, 去履行工作任務,去見想見的朋友們, 去吃想吃的東西,去繼續熱愛生命中的人與事, 去做以往生活中會做的所有生活瑣事, 並且誠實面對在這過程中偶爾衍生的情緒感受, 這是必須的過程, 沒有捷徑啊. 日子; 還是要過的. 天父並沒有省卻或便宜這重要的學習(打磨人生) 的過程. 所以我說並沒有魔法, 必須經歴過程. 而”時間和空間是局中者最需要的.” 帶著盼望迎接這過程,就如同我要拾起精神去迎接我的演唱會 , 時間無多,拾回運動, 拾回專注, 是時候了. 請見諒, 不會再談論此事. 不回望, 向前看. 讓時間一步步帶領. #growthroughlife #經歷過才懂 #原來成長是不分年齢 #比成熟更成熟了 #感謝天父的帶領和恩典 #要如常地生活不能浪費光陰了 #要竭力收拾心態準備演唱會了
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On April 28, Sammi Cheng took to Instagram to once again share her sentiments and to say that it will be the last time that she’ll be commenting on the issue. The singer said that there is no magic and no clear skies overnight; that there is enough grace and kindness to go around. Many stormy nights have terrified her in the past weeks, but says that the weather has cleared up a little, that clear skies will soon return and leaves the rest up to time to help everyone find another way. 

Sammi wants to return to a normal life because life has go to on, and the trials are an important lesson. The singer ends her post by saying that as she doesn’t have magical powers, the journey to healing is one that she herself must endure therefore needing both time and space to do so. Finally, she adds that she will no longer discuss the issue, that she will not look back, and only forward as she allows time to take its lead. She will also be focused on preparing for her upcoming concert. 

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