Sad News of Actor Hu Ge’s Mother’s Passing

Sad News of Actor Hu Ge’s Mother’s Passing
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It was recently revealed that Chinese actor Hu Ge’s mother passed away last month. In his Weibo account, the actor posted an old black and white photo of his mum captioned “dedicated to a woman far away” as a tribute to his beloved parent. The sad news was also confirmed by his friend who said that Hu’s mother passed away due to breast cancer at the end of last month. The actor quietly held a memorial service to honour his mum and has only shared the news a month after her passing.

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Mother and son had a very close relationship to each other so it is quite distressing that his mum won’t be there to cheer him on physically as his career rises to greater heights. In an interview, the actor once said that he owes a lot to his mum and that his life has been greatly influenced by her. Moreover, Hu Ge had repeatedly highlighted the profound impact his mum’s teachings to him from an early age.

When news broke about this heartbreaking affair, fans and supporters have quickly left messages of support and paid tributes to the woman who’s had a tremendous impact on Hu Ge’s life. 

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