Kai Ko Apologzes for the Past and Talks About The Present in Fan Q & A

Kai Ko Apologzes for the Past and Talks About The Present in Fan Q & A
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Kai Ko was once a rising star in showbiz after his breakout role in the 2011 movie You Are the Apple of My Eye that also put his co-star Michelle Chen on the map. He was young and he had the looks and skill to play leading man roles.  All of that changed five years ago after he was arrested for drug abuse.  Because of his scandal, his projects were cancelled and sponsors dropped him from their advertisements.  

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Recently, Kai Ko took to Instagram to answer questions from netizens.   Fans of Kai Ko worried about how life was treating him and they asked questions about how he was doing.  Kai reveals that he has trouble with depression and insomnia.  Kai Ko further adds that he has to see a psychiatrist daily.  When asked about what he is doing now, Kai answered that he is earning money from a small business to sustain himself although if he had to start over again, he would still want to be an actor since he likes to act and perform.  

Kai Ko humbly thanked the people who took time to chat with him and told them that he was sorry for what happened in the past.  While some netizens have told Kai to cheer up, there are people still mad about Kai Ko’s drug use with some saying that they can never forgive him or that Kai Ko is dreaming if he thinks he can just come back like that.  

Personally, I believe everyone deserves a second chance. If he does plan on coming back, Kai has a long and difficult road ahead of him since he has to show everyone that he truly deserves a second chance.

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