Ji Chang Wook Back to Melt Hearts in New Drama Melt Me

Ji Chang Wook Back to Melt Hearts in New Drama Melt Me
Ji Chang Wook
Freshly discharged from his military service stint just a few days ago, actor Ji Chang Wook wasted no time getting his name back up in the headlines with news of his latest drama literally entitled “Melt Me“.

Melt Me, another romantic comedy produced by tvN is about a man and a woman who participates in a special project to be frozen for 24 hours. Ji Chang Wook plays a variety show PD named Ma Dong Chan who personally takes part in his own “Frozen” project. By some fluke or mysterious circumstance, the two wake up only to find that 20 years have passed instead of the planned 24 hours! Everyone they know has now aged 20 years whilst they maintain the looks and physique they had pre-freeze. In another twist to the story, the pair find out that they need to maintain a specific body temperature in order to survive. 

It’s nice to see Ji Chang Wook hit the ground running right after being discharged from his military service. And while his last work prior to enlistment was also a romance (Suspicious Partner), a romantic comedy is the perfect way to endear himself once again in the hearts of his fans who supported him through his career and two year hiatus. After personally seeing him as the calculating and cold mercenary turned bodyguard who fell in love with his charge in K2, I’m very much looking forward see the actor’s newest work in his return to the small screens. 
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