Fan Bingbing’s Comeback May Be Soon as Her Casting in “The 355” Remains Unchanged

Fan Bingbing has stayed out of the spotlight following her tax evasion case last year. Hollywood movie The 355 is among the projects the actress has lined up. Back then, there were reports that filmmakers would replace her if she failed to settle her case in a way that they, the Chinese government and the public were all satisfied. 

In a recent interview with Simon Kinberg, the director of X-men: Dark Phoenix, he revealed that they already have a script for the spy thriller The 355He is in the process of doing rewrites on it and hopes to make the movie this year. He also confirmed the cast of Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard and Fan Bingbing saying that they were more than interested and in fact, committed to the movie.
All signs seem to suggest that Fan Bingbing is indeed coming back.  Fan has been slowly coming out of her rabbit hole, so to speak.  She wished everyone a happy Chinese New Year on social media which she hadn’t updated for quite a while.  She even attended the opening of a beauty salon just last week which had people wondering whether she was quitting showbiz to be an entrepreneur. There was also a Vanity Fair feature specifically about the actress that detailed her disappearance and referred to her as, “Fan Bingbing, the world’s biggest movie star.”
From what I can tell, Fan Bingbing is being cautious, feeling the public’s pulse about her, testing whether or not people still wanted her. Only when the cameras start rolling for The 355 will we know for sure if she can successfully make a comeback.  
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