Alyssa Chia Makes Big Comeback with Hit Drama The World Between Us

the world between us tw drama Alyssa Chia
Alyssa Chia’s acting career has taken a backseat to her personal life as the actress has priotized her marriage and family over the years. The World Between Us 我們與惡的距離 was the one drama that successfully got her to make a comeback and it has turned out to be such a gem. 

The World Between Us Chris Wu
The 10-part series which premiered last month and ended recently also stars James Wen, Chris Wu, Tracy Chou and Pets TsengIt is worth noting that not many Taiwanese dramas have received this much praise in recent years. The World Between Us has garnered a high score of 9.5 out of 10 on both Douban and IMDB.  
the world between us tw drama
The story starts with a random mass shooting and is told through different points of view.  Alyssa plays a news station director named Song Chiao-An whose tough and strict exterior hides the pain of losing her son.  Coupled with her marital and domestic problems, Song Chiao-An is as human and relatable as she’s going to get.  
the world between us tw drama Alyssa Chia
Lin Yuling, the producer of The World Between Us has said that when she was selecting the cast for the show, she didn’t think of who would be available to play each character but instead, who would be best suited to play the character.  At the time, Alyssa Chia had published a book about her ordeals in life and ultimately finding happiness.  Lin Yuling saw the character of Song Chiao-An in Alyssa and contacted her to play Song Chiao-An.  And it looks like she was right all along.  Alyssa Chia was perfect for the role of a mother trying to be strong for herself and her family.  
the world between us tw drama Pets Cheng
Shocking and realistic in shedding light on each of the characters and their motivations, many have lauded the provocative series and find it a cut above the usual emotional disputes and love triangles of idol dramas. 
It has been announced that there will be a season 2 that is likely to tell an unrelated story. Casting and other details have not been decided as their focus is on the script. 
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