Youth Fight (2019)

Youth Fight (2019)
Youth Fight 青春斗 stars Zheng Shuang, Gai Yuexi, Xu Yue, Chen Xiaoyun and Wang Xiuzhu.  This modern slice of life drama has a 38 episode run time and tells the story of how 5 ordinary girls try to live life while being faced with real world problems. Rounding up the cast are 5 men starring Andrew Xu Yang, Su Xin, Oscar Qi Jie, Gao TaiyuWang Yang and Ren Zhong

youth fight cdrama zheng shuang
Zheng Shuang will be turning 28 this year. She also celebrates her 10th year anniversary since breaking into the business as the heroine in the Chinese version of Meteor Garden back in 2009. I’m pretty sure she can still pull off youthful roles with ease. 
youth fight cdrama zheng shuang
Zheng Shuang plays Xiang Zhen, the group’s energy pill. After she graduates, she becomes an editor of a fashion magazine.
youth fight cdrama ge yuexi
Gai Yuexi plays Qian Beibei.  Confident in looks and abilities, she starts to work in a bank after graduating.
youth fight cdrama xu yue
Xu Yue plays Ding Lan, the studious one who finds employment at a public relations company.
youth fight cdrama chen xiaoyun
Chen Xiaoyun plays Jin Xiaoni.  She ventures into interior design.
youth fight cdrama wang xiuzhu
Wang Xiuzhu plays Yu Hui.  With the mind of en entrepreneur, she becomes the CEO of a company and also a screenwriter.  
Xiang Zhen, Qian Beibei, Jin Xiaoni, Ding Lan and Yu Hui become close friends during their stay in a university.  After graduating, they choose to stay in Beijing, determined to make something of themselves.  Being young and naive, they soon realize that real life is not going to be a walk in the park as they face various hurdles like failing their post graduate exams, unemployment, failed relationships, and being swindled out of their hard earned money.  They have to muster every ounce of persistence and tenacity they possess to overcome their individual trials.  
Release Date: March 24, 2019 Beijing TV, Dragon TV (two episodes daily at 7:30pm), episodes online Mango TV
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youth fight cdrama poster
youth fight cdrama poster
youth fight cdrama poster
youth fight cdrama poster
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