Yang Mi and Vin Zhang turn into special agents in Storm Eye

Yang Mi and Vin Zhang turn into special agents in Storm Eye
Storm Eye cdrama Vin Zhang Binbin
Wow, this news dropped with no warning, and it’s got me doing the happy dance. Many of us started liking Vin Zhang Binbin after Eternal Love or maybe even earlier with Pretty Li Huizhen, Just One Smile is Very Alluring and Chronicle of Time. The King’s Woman seems to be the show that really propelled him into leading man territory, so it’s great to see him take the lead in yet another drama, this time opposite Yang Mi who really needs no further introduction. Am I the only one finding amusement over this Bai Qian and Li Jing reunion? 

Storm Eye cdrama Yang Mi
Storm Eye 暴风眼 is a new drama produced by Jaywalk Studio, Flying Youth and Perfect World Pictures. It follows agents protecting national security. Yang Mi plays section chief An Jing while Vin Zhang plays national security personnel Ma Shang. The drama is in the early stages of production. 

Storm Eye cdrama Vin Zhang Binbin

Storm Eye cdrama
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