Upcoming Chinese and Korean Dramas April 2019

Upcoming Chinese and Korean Dramas April 2019
The once-postponed White Snake reboot is still on track to premiere in 3 days. There are quite a number of maybes for this month like The Gods and If We Can Love Like This on Hunan TV. Let’s wait for the official confirmations. 

the legend of white snake ju jingyi
The Legend of White Snake (Mar 27 Apr 3 iQIYI)
A story of enduring romance between the white snake spirit and the man that she loves. Starring Ju Jingyi and Alan Yu.  

The Defected (Apr 1 TVB, Tencent ) 
A story revolving around a policeman who becomes embroiled in a conspiracy plaguing the high-ranking officials due to an incident that almost cost him his life. Starring Benjamin Yuen, Kara Hui and Philip Keung. 

My Poseidon (Apr 4 Mango TV)
A story revolving around a sunny youth and a marine biology student as they work together to protect the ocean. Starring Leon Zhang and Eleanor Lee. 

the gods luo jin
Investiture of the Gods (Apr 8 Hunan TV)
A story about the investiture of the gods that follows Yang Jian, Ji Fa and Jiang Ziya as they face off against the evil powers led by King Zhou, Da Ji and Shen Gongbao. Starring Luo Jin, Claudia Wang, Zhang Bo, Deng Lun. 

If I Can Love You So (Apr 9 Hunan TV)
A husband commits suicide alongside his mistress, leaving their widow and widower to hold the funeral. This is a love story between an arrogant and unyielding pianist and a free and liberated TV anchor. Starring Tong Dawei and Cecilia Liu Shishi. 

put your head on my shoulder
A bright young girl and an oddball school genius’s accidental encounter brings about a sweet and playful romance. Starring Xing Fei and Lin Yi. 

Her Private Life (Apr 10 tvN)
A well-respected art curator leads a double life as a closet fangirl who fawns obsessively over her idol. A new art director comes onboard and discovers her secret. Starring Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young. 
In Youth (Apr 13 Dragon TV, Youku, iQIYI)
A story revolving around a group of friends from university who enter into the workplace. Starring Leon Zhang and Bridgette Qiao. 

hope all is well with us Liu Tao
Hope All Is Well With Us (Apr 14 Beijing TV, Youku, Mango TV)
A story that revolves around a self-made man who marries a woman from a wealthy family despite her family’s objections only to find that their married life is falling into shambles. Starring Yang Shuo and Liu Tao. 

From Survivor to Healer (Apr 17 iQIYI, Youku)
A story between a psychiatrist and a psychologist who find each other again after breaking up eight years ago. Starring Shawn Dou and Vivi Miao Miao. 

Detective L (Apr 18 Tencent)
A rookie who aspires to become a brilliant detective crosses paths with Luo Fei and joins hands with him to solve difficult cases. Starring Bai Yu, You Jingru and Ji Chen. 

A coming of age story that follows a group of struggling youths as they journey through life. Starring Ji Soo, Jung Chae Yeon and Jin Young. 

a journey to meet love
A Journey To Meet Love (Apr 20 Zhejiang TV, Jiangsu TV)
A white-collar worker and a detective become embroiled in an elaborate mystery when a famous painting gets linked to an international drug smuggling enterprise. Starring Jing Tian and Chen Xiao. 

Le Coup De Foudre (Apr 29 Tencent, Youku)
It follows an ordinary girl and her classmate from high school to university, from the workplace all the way to the altar as they tell a sweet love story between two people who grow together as a couple. Starring Janice Wu and Zhang Yujian. 

A story about two brothers who become enemies in a fight against terrorism. Starring Yang Xuwen, Wei Chen and Daisy Dai Si. 

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