Two Broke Girls Chinese remake on the horizon?

Two Broke Girls Chinese remake on the horizon?

Rumours are swirling about the Chinese remake of the US TV comedy Two Broke Girls.  Little detail has been revealed except that a script is still being developed, so I’d take this with a grain of salt until an actual announcement has been made. 

While almost everything is still up in the air, it’d be interesting to see who gets to play the brash spunky Max and the “down on her luck” rich girl Caroline (even more interesting is who gets to play the ever outrageous Sophie – I mean, didn’t Jennifer Coolidge‘s ditzy “Paulette” in Legally Blonde give you the giggles?). The onscreen chemistry between Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs is one of the key things that made the series work. So casting the ladies to capture that chemistry perfectly may prove to be challenging. 

China has been known to remake Korean, Japanese and Thai dramas. When it comes to American TV series, not so much so chances of this being true is anyone’s guess. Coming off the heels of rumors about a Gossip Girl Chinese remake which is yet another hit US TV show, are you interested to see these come to fruition? 


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