Thief Who Stole From Jacky Wu’s Parents Returned Stolen Goods

Thief Who Stole From Jacky Wu’s Parents Returned Stolen Goods
Jacky Wu from Wolf Warriors 2 in 2017
Jacky Wu has been a big action star for many years.  He is well known for making the record breaking Wolf Warriors 2 happen.  More recently, Jacky Wu hit box office pay dirt with The Wandering Earth.  He is also an avid martial artist as evidenced by his rock hard physique.  

Interestingly, a story that happened back in 2013 came under the spotlight again. Jacky Wu’s parents’ house were burgled by a thief.  Fortunately, his parents were not hurt.  Jacky talked about the incident on social media and told people to stay vigilant and safe. 

In the same afternoon, Jacky Wu followed it up with another post on weibo. He asked his police friends a hypothetical question:  if Jacky encounters a thief at home and chokes him, will Jacky be held criminally liable?  They told him that he would have to go to jail but his sentence will be commuted if he was acting in self defence.  After some thought, Jacky’s father tells his son that if faced with a thief, it’s best to not resist and to give the money willingly without fighting back. Otherwise, Jacky might overdo it and accidentally kill the thief, then his dad would have to visit him in prison. 
Here’s where it gets funny.  The thief may have seen Jacky Wu’s post about beating the living daylights out of him. Everything that was stolen from his parents were magically returned neatly in front of their home the next day.  You know you’re a badass when people who steal from you realize they messed with the wrong person. 

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