Zhu Meng Qing Yuan (2019)

Zhu Meng Qing Yuan (2019)
The Great Craftsman Zhu Meng Qing Yuan
Third time’s the charm as Yang Mi and Wallace Huo finally pair up to bring fans another period piece featuring old Shanghai during the roaring ’20s in the new 63 episode series, Zhu Meng Qing Yuan 筑梦情缘 (formerly known as The Great Craftsman 巨匠).  

Zhu Meng Qing Yuan
Set in the Republican period, the story narrates the life of Shen Qinan (Wallace Huo), as he plays the role of master builder and architect who had managed to claw his way up from his unfortunate youth. You see, the early 1920s was a time of great upheaval, and the Shen family was, unfortunately, caught in its crossfire. Qinan’s father was killed after being unintentionally involved in a smuggling conspiracy and Qinan, together with his siblings, were forced to flee to Shanghai and separate.

The Great Craftsman Ju Jiang Wallace Huo
Fast forward to a few years later and we see Qinan all grown up, now a master architect endeavouring to provide affordable quality homes for the people. He soon meets the talented architect Fu Hanjun (played by Yang Mi). When war breaks out, this “man for the people” battles against several odds both personally and professionally.
The Great Craftsman Ju Jiang Yang Mi
The series is also set to feature Ge Shimin, Kenneth Tsang, Qu GaoweiJiang Hongbo, Zhang Junning, Feng LeiZhang Fan and Zhang Shen. Let’s not forget old Shanghai, as the city is a character in itself in this drama – an architectural feast for the eyes featuring the iconic tea houses and the beginnings of the beautifully lit facades we have come to know today in the city’s famous skyline.

The Great Craftsman Ju Jiang
Catch a glimpse of dazzling old Shanghai, elegantly clad ladies with equally elegant coiffures, and Wallace Huo and Yang Mi finally paired up as love interests *squeal* in The Great Craftsman.
Release Date: May 6, 2019 Hunan TV (daily 8pm)

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zhu meng qing yuan wallace huo
The Great Craftsman Ju Jiang

The Great Craftsman Ju Jiang
zhu meng qing yuan Yang Mi

zhu meng qing yuan Kenneth Tsang

zhu meng qing yuan Feng Lei

zhu meng qing yuan

zhu meng qing yuan Zhang Junning

zhu meng qing yuan

zhu meng qing yuan

zhu meng qing yuan Qu Gaowei

zhu meng qing yuan

The Great Craftsman Ju Jiang
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