Surf’s Up as Ariel Lin Lets Loose in Holiday Photographs

Surf’s Up as Ariel Lin Lets Loose in Holiday Photographs
Ariel Lin recently shared some photos of what seems to be a tropical paradise. Is she currently on location filming a new movie or series? After the last episode of her latest drama, I Will Never Let You Go aired earlier this month, I’m pretty sure fans will be wondering what new project she’s working on currently.

But! The pictures are actually unfiltered snaps of herself while on vacation with her family. As much as we’d all like to see her working on something new (like in a tropical island!), the actress is treating herself to some down time with her loved ones. 

By the way, for those of you who watched the series, what did you think?! It certainly feels like the drama did not go out as a career defining moment for Ariel Lin despite it being her big comeback to period dramas, but one thing we can agree on is that she looked amazingly youthful in ancient costume.  

Captioned “Family, Fun, Sea  and Vacation ……?”, the fresh faced actress who truly doesn’t seem to age (what’s her secret!?!), shared photographs of herself “letting loose” in a tropical getaway amidst pristine white beaches and sparkling turquoise waters. 

What truly set netizens agog however, is the photograph the actress shared on Instagram of herself in a bikini showcasing her enviable figure with a gorgeous sunset in the backdrop.

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