Stirring the Pot with Subbed Dramas on Hotpot TV

Stirring the Pot with Subbed Dramas on Hotpot TV
hotpot tv eng subs
Fans of the now defunct DramaFever streaming site rejoice! A little birdie has let it fly that a new Asian drama streaming service will be setting up shop shortly to cater to your daily drama binges. 

Hotpot TV is the new kid on the block here to serve you with your daily helping of dramas. Whether you’re into Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese dramas or even documentaries, there’s surely something in Hotpot TV‘s line up that will catch your fancy.  

Now I’d like to point out that the site offers English and Spanish (for some series) subtitles. This is a godsend as I’ve been known to desperately watch dramas even without understanding a word just to know what happens next (context clues people!). What’s even better, the service is free to watch on desktop, iOS, and Android.

Will it help fill up the void left by the abrupt closure of DramaFever last year? Maybe. You be the judge. Whatever your (drama) poison is, hop on over to their website: to check out their freshest drama offerings. 


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