Ni Dahong’s Expressions Heating Up Chinese Social Media

Ni Dahong’s Expressions Heating Up Chinese Social Media
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the series All is Well has been making the rounds as the hot topic trending in drama land (almost everyday, in fact) what with the controversial antics of the dysfunctional Su family. Did anyone of you cringe again at the memory of Mingcheng beating the bejeezus out of his sister Mingyu?

Anyway, the series has been trending for days yet again, and one of them is for the unlikeliest of reasons. Memes of the Su patriarch, played by veteran actor Ni Dahong (The Rise of Phoenixes) have been exploding the social media universe

Here’s one of his famous scenes that launched a thousand memes – “I won’t drink, I won’t eat. I want money!

Who knew that Ni Dahong could have such an excellent poker face?! It’s not so much on what he said as to how he said it that makes the scene well, meme-able (is that even a word?). 

Ni Dahong has definitely perfected his (exaggeratingly) deadpan expression to a T. Why, even his The Rise of Phoenixes co-star Chen Kun joined in on the fun and posted the below memes on his Weibo account. 

Just asking if you’re using eye cream” 😀

So, ladies and gentlemen, let’s put uncle out of his misery and “show him the money!” *cue Jerry Mcguire*. That way he can finally have some of his favourite hand-ground coffee and eat … er.. slurp up his congee.

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