Movie Remake of With You Starring Arthur Chen And He Landou To Air This Summer

My Best Summer movie remake With You
When the campus drama series With You 最好的我们 was released in 2016, viewers loved how honest and realistic the show depicted growing up and the problems that came along with it.  Based on the novel The Best of Us by Ba Yue Chang An, With You is arguably one of the best youth dramas in recent memory, so much that it is now being adapted for the big screen. 

The movie remake titled My Best Summer 最好的我们 starring Arthur Chen Feiyu and He Landou tells the story of a lovable but socially awkward Geng Geng and the academically smart Yu Huai.  They bicker and argue a lot initially but eventually become closer.  Both Geng Geng and Yu Huai form a strong bond of friendship with their classmates as they try to survive the aches and pains of young life.   
With You Liu Haoran Tan Songyun
Liu Haoran and Tan Songyun‘s portrayal of Yu Huai and Geng Geng in the drama series has been ingrained into the minds of the audience as both were perfect for their roles.  Fans of the novel agree that both Liu Haoran and Tan Songyun faithfully recreated the characters.  
Arthur Chen He Landou movie
Arthur Chen He Landou movie
In the coming movie version, a new pairing is formed with Ever Night star Arthur Chen and He Landou who played the young Victoria Song in Moonshine And ValentineWhile it may seem that the tandem of Liu Haoran and Tan Songyun will be a tough act to follow, I believe that the new cast can pull off being Yu Huai and Geng Geng.  
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