Kim Nam Gil gets into another accident filming The Fiery Priest

Kim Nam Gil gets into another accident filming The Fiery Priest
I normally don’t cover news about K-ent, but reports about Kim Nam Gil have been trickling in from various sites. On Mar. 2, the actor got into an accident while filming an action scene for The Fiery Priest, his comeback drama after Live Up To Your Name Dr. HeoHe has been sent to the hospital to undergo medical treatment for rib fractures and filming for tomorrow has been cancelled. His agency explains that they will know more about Kim Nam Gil’s schedule once he gets his CT scan results. 

This is not the first time that Kim Nam Gil was injured for the drama as he had injured his fingers and wrist previously. Rather than trying to figure out whether he will be able to return to work, I’m more concerned for his wellbeing and will be waiting for the next statement from his agency that will hopefully have good news. SBS which airs The Fiery Priest has guaranteed that they will put Kim Nam Gil’s health first. 

I’ve been a fan of the actor for as long as I can remember and his recent projects have never missed a beat. Sure enough, The Fiery Priest which stars him as a bad-tempered priest chasing after a killer has been well-praised. I just hope there will be no more accidents and that he can recover soon. 

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