Joe Chen seemingly reacts to comments about being too old for Queen Dugu

Joe Chen seemingly reacts to comments about being too old for Queen Dugu
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Being in showbiz opens up a person to all sorts of critiques. It’s not uncommon for viewers to judge an actor or actress for being too old to play certain roles.  That being said, the entertainment industry may seem more cruel to actresses in that way.  Actors who are in their 40’s can still be casted as leading men, while opportunities for actresses of the same age tend to fall in supporting roles such as mothers or aunts whereas those who get the leading role may not be so well-received.  

The 39-year-old Joe Chen plays the heroine in Queen Dugubut she also failed to escape criticism from those who thought she was too old for the part.  

queen dugu joe chen
Joe Chen admits that the comments she read on Weibo were both ridiculous and sad.  She asks, “Since when did it begin? Oriental women are viewed only from the perspective of whether they are youthful or not.” 

She says that regardless of age, whether a girl or a woman, females should be appreciated, and at times, even protected.  With the harsh words Joe has seen, she didn’t see anyone being gentlemanly and neither does she expect anything more even from women as we now live in a society with skin deep values.  She ultimately says that women like her need to love themselves since we live in a malicious world.  
queen dugu joe chen
In Queen Dugu, Joe Chen plays a strong and determined young woman named Dugu Jialuo.  Realistically though, the character matures even until after she is coronated queen. Joe Chen is certainly not the first and last actress to speak gender inequality in showbiz. 

Recently, the Medical Examiner Dr. Qin star Jiao Junyan said hat a 30-year-old actress auditioning could be likened to choosing from vegetable. There are those that would grumble that it’s too old and no longer fresh. 
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