I Will Never Let You Go Finale Has Plenty Of Deaths And Unhappy Fans

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Ariel Lin and Vin Zhang‘s drama series I Will Never Let You Go 小女花不弃 just aired its final episode last night and too many things happened.  For those of you who haven’t watched it yet, I suggest that you stop reading as there will be spoilers.

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In the finale, Chen Yu (Vin Zhang) fakes his surrender to Dongfang Shi (Austin Lin) to defeat his army. In a daring plan to lure out Xiao Juifeng (Zhang Yan), Hua Buqi uses herself as bait to marry Dongfang Shi. 
On the day of the wedding, Xiao Juifeng tries to kidnap Hua Buqi and that’s when the deaths begin.  Mo Ruofei (Xing En) is killed by Dongfang Shi in a sword fight.  Yuan Chong (Xiao Xiangfei) tries to save Hua Buqi but is killed himself.  In another sword fight, all four characters engaged in battle end up killing each other and that includes Dongfang Shi’s loyal subordinate, Lin Dansha (Lin Ziqing), her older brother and Yun Lang (Kris Sun Zujun). 
i will never let you go Austin Lin Bohong
i will never let you go Mo Ruofei Xing En
i will never let you go Kris Sun Zujun
i will never let you go Lin Ziqing
i will never let you go Xiao Xiangfei
Dongfang Shi is also killed after he tries to save Hua Buqi from his grandfather. Chen Yu is the last to fend off Xiao Jiufeng and they both fall into a well. Hua Buqi manages to catch Chen Yu’s hand but it is apparent that she can’t pull him up.  Before falling to his doom, Chen Yu tells Hua Buqi, “Promise me you will live well.”  
i will never let you go zhang yan
Literally in the last minute of the show, Chen Yu miraculously reappears before Hua Buqi who has been doing good deeds as the new Lianyi Ke. Seemingly surviving his fall, he tells her, “I’m also Lianyi Ke.”
The ending seems to be a happy one but with the string of deaths in the episode, many hated it.  For some, it’s another entry into the long list of Chinese dramas with terrible endings. Personally, I usually have no problem with writers killing off characters. It’s just that all of these deaths happened in the last episode in an otherwise cheerful drama. The meeting of Chen Yu and Hua Buqi at the end was also kind of iffy for me.  I didn’t know if it was a dream sequence or an actual meeting.  
i will never let you go ending scene
If it was indeed an actual face to face, then how did Chey Yu survive the fall, and where was he when Hua Buqi was dedicating her life to following his cause?  What do you guys think of the ending? 
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