Historical drama Song of Glory begins filming with Li Qin as the heroine

Historical drama Song of Glory begins filming with Li Qin as the heroine
Li Qin Song of Glory
Fans of actress Li Qin (Battle Through The Heavens) will be excited to know that the historical drama, Song of Glory 南歌 where she has been casted as the lead, has held their kick off ceremony last March 15. The series, spun from the hands of the very same producers that brought you The Princess Weiyoung, weaves yet another tale of historical drama, revenge and intrigue.

Set in a time of warring families and political upheaval, Li Qin portrays Mu Chang Ge. She costars with actor Qin Hao (Tomb of the Sea) who portrays her love interest as the Song emperor Liu Yilong. The drama recounts the tale of Mu Chang Ge and the trials she and Liu Yilong undergo to achieve “Yuanjiazhizhi”, a period of prosperity for the nation.  

If you’ve been a longtime fan of Li Qin, then you’ll know that it’s definitely an exciting time for the actress’ career as her star continues to shine bright. The girl’s definitely got talent that’s for sure – after playing the antagonist role in Princess Agents, is there any doubt that Li Qin’s got talent in spades? I don’t think so. And it’s refreshing to see that after appearing in several supporting roles in the past, she has a number of leading roles that viewers can look forward to. Partnered by the talented and charismatic Qin Hao, I’m sure many will be anticipating how the mash up between these two will play out.

X-Nine idol Jason Koo and Qi Ji are also cast to play roles in this drama.

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