Freshly Squeezed: No Secrets Releases Promotional Posters

Freshly Squeezed: No Secrets Releases Promotional Posters

Catch your first glimpse of the newest promotional posters for the new web drama No Secrets 没有秘密的你.

The drama, starring Qi Wei and Jin Han brings together a cast made up of Sunny Wang YangmingMaggie Huang MengyingHuang Yilin and Zhang Rui in this remake of the 2013 South Korean TV series, I Can Hear Your Voice

For viewers not familiar with the Korean fantasy legal drama, the plot centres around the lives of a lawyer turned public defender (Hye Sung) portrayed by Lee Bo-young and a high school student (Su-Ha) with the fantastical ability to read people’s minds (hence the title No Secrets) played by Lee Jong-suk

They team up with a public defender (Kwan-woo) portrayed by actor Yoon Sang-hyun to solve cases unconventionally. Park Su-Ha, the holder of said fantastical ability to hear people’s thoughts, gains his ability after being involved in a car accident and witnessing a tragic incident. 

The tragic incident was also seen by a then younger Hye-sung whose brave testimony ensures that the villain is put away behind bars. Fast forward to today and the two again cross paths with each other with Hye-sung now a public defender teaming up with Su-Ha whose ability ensures that they’re always one step ahead of the game. An interesting plot line through and through complicated further with a villain bent on revenge.

The show received so much love in Korea that it merited a two episode extension. With such big shoes to fill, I’m excited to see how the C-drama version pans out. Doubly excited too as eagle eyed francophiles will realise that some of the earlier photos released for the drama show both actors cozying up albeit alone in beautiful Pareee.

If the released photos will serve as an indicator, all I can say is that the production team made sure to bring their A-game and give you a drama to remember.  So, if you fancy some crazy mind reading abilities thrown in with some legalese and romance in the mix, then be sure to catch this drama when it airs. 

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