Fan Bingbing Graces Star-Studded Beauty Salon Opening Amidst Comeback Rumors

Fan Bingbing Graces Star-Studded Beauty Salon Opening Amidst Comeback Rumors
Fan Bingbing beauty salon
Fan Bingbing and Zhang Shuai
After Fan Bingbing’s disappearance from the limelight following a tax evasion case last year, people were left wondering what will happen to the woman who was once one of China’s biggest and brightest stars. 

If rumors are to be believed, she has started a new business… a high-end beauty salon called Miaomei Beauty Clinic. The grand opening was attended by her parents, brother Fan Chengcheng and fiancee Li Chen. Other celebrities such as Hu BingMa Su, Janine Chang and Goodbye My Princess star Peng Xiaoran were also present. Although not at the ribbon cutting photo, there were photos of Fan Bingbing taken inside the salon. 

Fan Bingbing beauty salon
Amidst the rumors, Fan Bingbing’s designer friend Zhang Shuai has revealed that he is, in fact, the owner of Miaomei Beauty Clinic. He explains that Fan Bingbing attended the opening as a show of support. However, according to diligent netizens that have dug up info on the beauty salon, the clinic seems to be owned by a company that has Fan Bingbing’s parents as shareholders. 

Fan Bingbing beauty salon Fan Chengcheng
Fan Chencheng at the ribbon cutting ceremony
Whether or not Fan Bingbing really owns Miaomei Beauty Clinic, there is still the question of of her return to showbiz. With Fan Bingbing slowly beginning to appear in the public eye and rumors of a comeback building up, her alleged beauty salon does throw off speculations. Nonetheless, she still has several unreleased movies lined up such as She KillsLegend of Ravaging Dynasties 2, Cellphone 2 and a drama series titled Legend of Ba Qing.  

Fan Bingbing beauty salon Li Chen
Li Chen at the ribbon cutting ceremony
Personally, I’d wager that Fan Bingbing would have to work extra hard to redeem herself in the public eye.  It will not be easy, but it will ultimately depend on whether or not she has the courage to put herself under scrutiny once again. 

Fan Bingbing beauty salon Janine Chang
Janine Chang at the ribbon cutting ceremony
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