New Dramas to Watch for From Each of the F4

New Dramas to Watch for From Each of the F4
f4 meteor garden
Because of Meteor Garden, Dylan WangDarren ChenCaesar Wu and Leon Leong rose to fame as the F4 of the new generation. With their career on the rise, our handsome leads have kept their schedules busy filming their own drama series. 

dylan wang ever night 2
Dylan Wang stars in Ever Night 2 将夜2 alongside Song Yiren. Dylan may be a newcomer to the world of wuxia but the director has vouched for the actor as having the right stuff to play Ning Que. Dylan’s behind the scenes training videos show him going all out and it looks like he’s more than prepared for the physically demanding role.

The Story of Ming Dynasty cdrama Darren Chen
Darren Chen stars as the lead in the period drama The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty 成化十四年.  Considering that he’s had to play the unlucky leg of the love triangle in all of his other projects, this drama which has him solving crime in the Ming Dynasty ought to be a new challenge for the actor.  

The Chang
Caesar Wu stars as Yang Zian in The Chang’an Youth 长安少年行, a romantic period drama that pairs him up with actress Wang Yuwen.  As it is also Caesar’s first foray into period dramas, he reveals that it was exciting to wear costumes during the shoot.

Leon Leong Chinese sports drama
Leon Leong stars in the Chinese version of Thai sports drama Project S The Series: Side by Side 极限17 羽你同行. Because of its theme, Leon has a lot of scenes where he needs to appear like a pro, so he received training from professional badminton players.  

Shen Yue Another Me
For Meteor Garden fans, you might find it interesting to know that Leon Leong is a supporting character in Shen Yue’s romance drama Another Me 七月与安生

Leon Leong Another Me
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