Darren Wang Steers Clear of Seungri’s Scandal After Photos Resurface

Darren Wang Steers Clear of Seungri’s Scandal After Photos Resurface
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With the recent scandal that involved former Big Bang member Seungri, Jung Joon Young and many other big names, the Korean entertainment industry has been put under intense scrutiny with the effects more far-reaching that you’d think.  

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In what seems to be a witch hunt, Darren Wang, Chen Bolin, Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan were dragged into the scandal due to reports and photos of them visiting the notorious Burning Sun club last January. The four are known to be good friends in the industry. Darren Wang can also be seen taking photos with Seungri and Jung Joon Young which got the rumor mill turning because of their acquaintance with each other. 
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Darren Wang’s studio has been quick to issue a statement that Darren has nothing to do with the incident Seungri is involved in and strongly condemns the crimes that happened. They also ask that the public should stop spreading false rumors and that they will take legal action against those who continue to do so.

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