Xu Lu and Zhang Mingen spotted holding hands at a mall

Xu Lu and Zhang Mingen spotted holding hands at a mall
Xu Lu Zhang Mingen spotted dating
What’s another year without a round of gossip, and it looks like c-ent may have found its first pair of lovebirds. Xu Lu and Zhang Mingen have been rumored to be dating since they filmed Destiny’s Love last year. The two are trending today after photos of them started going around the internet. Although covered from head to toe in a thick jacket, hoodie and a mask after he got out of the airport, Zhang Mingen was seen meeting Xu Lu at a parking lot later on. They headed to a shopping mall afterwards, holding hands and having their arms around each other in public.

xu lu zhang mingen Destiny
Should they confirm, this is one cute couple. Zhang Mingen is 23 and Xu Lu is 24. Both have started rising to fame in recent years. Zhang Mingen played supporting roles in The Mystic Nine, Tientsin Mystic and Tomb of the Sea before becoming Xu Lu’s leading man in Destiny’s Love. 


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