Why Yu Zheng Chose Huang Xiaoming For Winter Begonia

Why Yu Zheng Chose Huang Xiaoming For Winter Begonia
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Yu Zheng recently revealed why he chose Huang Xiaoming to play the lead role for his new series Winter Begonia 鬓边不是海棠红 that centers around the Chinese opera.  

Yu Zheng considers three things when picking an actor to play a role.  The first is an actor’s limitations.  Not all actors can play every role and make it seem suitable.  Some actors stick to the kind of roles they know best, while other actors tend to explore and push their boundaries.  According to Yu Zheng, Huang Xiaoming is the latter as evidenced by his portrayal of Wei Xiaobao in the 2008 TV series Royal Tramp.  

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The second thing that Yu Zheng looks for is an actor’s psychology or how he thinks.  Yu Zheng says that if an actor fails to deliver or convey the emotions of a scene, it is the audience that suffers.  It is this pressure that makes an actor doubt his skills, thus he will constantly try to push himself to do better.  

Too much effort can be distracting though and Yu Zheng believes it is better to find a balance between an actor’s emotional sensitivity to do better and having a strong heart to withstand the pressure.  This is something that he has seems to have seen in Huang Xiaoming.  

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The last thing Yu Zheng considers is dedication.  Shooting a drama often requires a long term, work heavy schedule resulting in actors being too busy and not have time to spare.  This isn’t an easy thing for actors.  

Yu Zheng recalls that Huang Xiaoming agreed to all of his requests about work.  Even when they were preparing to shoot the drama, Huang Xiaoming came two weeks earlier for the script reading and other tasks.  The director and Huang Xiaoming’s costar Yin Zheng were impressed by his work ethic.  

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